Layout of the programme, with map of the conference facilities in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Format: A3 twice folded into an A5. Cover, backcover, first inner pages. English version.

Inner pages with the full programme. English version.

Programme covers. French and Spanish versions.

Forum attendees using the programme at the Opening Plenary.

Directional and informational standing banners used during the forum.

Banner used during the pre-briefing session.

Strategy framework for The Global Fund 2012-2016 A4 cards. Top: front and back English version Bottom: French, Spanish and Russian versions.

Forming Strategic Propositions A4 cards.

The Strategy Framework cards and Forming Strategic Propositions cards being used during of the Forum's work sessions.

'Quote Forest': Standing banners with quotes from the e-consultations survey. Each banner displays one respondent quote translated into English, French, Spanish and Russian.

Powerpoint template